Affiliated By Bihar Nurses Registration Council, Patna & The Govt. Of Bihar, Health Department Patna

About Us


Health care has been identified as canadian’s number onepublic priority-and nurses play a central role in delivering health care. Nurses advocate for health promotion, educate patients and the public on the presentation, of illness and injury provide care and assist in cure, participate in rehabilitation, and provide support. No other health care professional has such a broad and far-reaching role. Nurses help families learn to become healthy by helping them understand the range of emotional, physical, mental and cultural experiences they encounter during health and illness. Nurses help people and their families cope with illness, deal with it, and if necessary live with it so that other parts of their lives can continue. Nurses innovate Florence Nightingale, regarded as the founder of modern nursing, remembered as ‘’the lady with lamp’’-yet she also collected data to prove that the main cause, by far, of fatalities in the Crimean War was not enemy fire, but infections attributed to improper sanitation. She was a pioneering statistician, probably the first person in history to use graph and charts to persuade politicians to act. Today’s university-trained nurses learn to trust their own first-hand observations to generate important research leads on significant topics.Nursing provide ongoing assessment of people’s health. Their round the clock presence, observation skills, and vigilance allow doctors to make better diagnoses and propose better treatment. Many lives have been saved because an attentive nurse picked upon early warning signs of an upcoming crisis like cardiac arrest of respiratory failure.

The pioneer institution of nursing is located at middle of the twin city of Darbhanga and Laheriasarai and is progressing impressively with full strength of students in each batch. In very short span of time, Gyanjyoti School Of Nursing has added many feathers in its cap and is well known destination in the field of treatment and nursing care. The most preferred nursing institution is Affiliated By Bihar Nurses Registration Council, Patna & The Govt. Of Bihar, Health Department Patna .Apart from getting clinical training at parent hospital, the nursing students are getting practical experience at Hospital and many others renowned private nursing homes of this town. The approach to education at Gyanjyoti School Of Nursing with its emphasis on wholesome development of its students ensures that you have a head start over your peers when it comes to success. In today’s world where globalization has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, education plays a major role in the advancement of one’s social life especially when competition is the norm of the day. It is to equip the young to meet this challenging environment that Gyanjyoti School Of Nursing was founded, with special focus on the wholesome development of the individual. We are very confident with the facilities provided at our institution like, excellent lab setup & the eminent faculty will definitely drive your career in the upward direction.


The college campus is situated on the main road in Darbhanga City. The campus provide a good and serene atmosphere for learning, developing personality & assimilation. All basic needs & facilities are available in campus


The proposed unit Gyanjyoti School Of Nursing Will be set up at kalptaru Bhawan, Alalpati, Darbhanga, The site is well approachable by wide Road which is connected by Main Road of Darbhanga Lahariasarai and nearest of Darbhanga Railway Station.


The unit will be establishing as kalptaru Bhawan, Alalpati, Darbhanga. The unit is enjoying the location advantage of all infrastructure facilities like; Trained Technician, Electric connection, and other facilities.Darbhanga is the most important place for the medical treatment. In Darbhanga there is Medical Collage and hospital of Bihar Government. There is too much Doctor’s and Clinic and private Hospital, Nursing Home, X-Ray clinic, pathology Centers, Medicine Shops at Darbhanga. Most of the patient comes here for their treatment. By this the location of the site is very approachable.

(ii) The site is well connected by PWD Road to all parts the Districts, Which will mean good communicational advantage.

Secretary Message

Ravindra Kumar

“If you don’t jump, you’ll never fly.”

What I mean is that if we never take chances, we won’t know what we are able to gain and we won’t benefit from what we are able to do. Be smart, but be decisive. Don’t be risky, but take risks. I am really very happy to learn that we are going to prepare qualified and trained nurses through our Gyanjyoti School of Nursing by starting R.A.N.M. Diploma course. My vision for this our Gyanjyoti School of Nursing is that this Nursing School should be the best of best: – the high standards of nursing practice, education research and administration can only be implemented through strict discipline, pragmatism, commitment and dedication. The stimulating environment of   Gyanjyoti School of Nursing shall motivates the nursing students to develop their skills through learning by doing with the help of latest teaching equipments, and trained faculties to solve patient difficulties and set an example of productively. I am very much confident that in my tenure, the Gyanjyoti School of Nursing will attain its optimum standing and will make place in internationally one of the known Nursing college/School not only in Darbhanga (Bihar) also in India.

Managing Director Message

Deepak Yadav

Someone says- If you want to measure the depth of the sea, you have to go deeper & deeper. Nursing is an art- if you want to called as Nursing – Personnel – firstly measure its depthness & its first need to be a good human being i.e. nice humanity. We are so lucky that God has given us a golden opportunity for this great job. Our mission is to serve the Humanity. “The Mankind” irrespective of all caste and creed. As every man is the creation of God, the “All Mighty”, who had made this beautiful world every person has full right to live happily in this world of God, and our motto should be releasing them from pain and suffering by providing dedicated and professionally qualified Nurses and supporting staff.